shit n shat

SO. here’s the skinny. i bowed out of Adam Lopez & His Mighty LoCasters, and with any sense of justice and goodness in this universe,they, and any other works he endeavors in will get the exposure, accolade, and fame they deserve. Goodnight, Stranger dissolved without so much as a whisper. what could’ve been the band of my career, dropped into instant, and total obscurity. Makes me wonder about what amazing bands we never even knew existed!
Blacklung, my solo project is REALLY coming into it’s own, musically, i feel very proud of what i’ve accomplished.

Other projects!!!
The guitarist from my first psychobilly band, Michael “MAD DOG’ Corsaro,my first band ever, actually, is back in town and ready to rock, with a brand new, take-no-prisoners attitude, and some rockin new chops to boot. Fucker is shredding.
I have also taken on upright bass/bass guitar in a new punk-a-billy band called the white recyclables, fun little group, with Mike, Mikey, and Linz.

Not sure how long this’ll last, but due to unforseen circumstances, i’m on a bender, which will take the form of DRUNK SLIM video blogs, detailing everything from how not to home-pierce your lip, to how bad my diarrhea is that day. stay stuned


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