About Me

My Name is Chaise Dewey, Or Slim McLean, or any combination of the previous, depending on who you ask.

I am an upright bassist, songwriter, music nerd, gear geek and performer. I currently play upright bass in the Americana/Rockabilly band Adam Lopez & His Mighty LoCasters (Debut Album in the works) and in the brand new American Roots band, Goodnight, Stranger. Details as they are available. I also fiddle around with bass guitar, mountain dulcimer, autoharp, and guitar, and plan on putting these to use in a solo recording project very soon

I am a proud member of WWAC Denver.

My most current artist bio:

I wouldn’t say I’m defined by the music I play and listen to, but I am defined by my love for it. Music is the one constant in my life; for as far back as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to music. From the live bluegrass and classic country that I was inundated with from a very young age, to the punk, psychobilly, and rockabilly that I discovered on my own as a teenager.

I listen to an ever widening range of music, but the stuff that influences the music I play is Psychobilly, Bluegrass, Punk, and Rockabilly. Some musicians I look up to are Joe Buck, psychobilly slap bass monster Strangy, and Paul Roman of The Quakes.
As a teenager, I messed around with guitar, but I really didn’t come into my own until I discovered psychobilly, and my upright bass obsession began. I’ve been playing for around 4 years, and actively in bands for only two years or so. My first venture into playing music was an ill-fated and short lived psychobilly band called The Atomix, and while we only played a few shows, I learned a lot.
I returned to my musical roots in late 2010 with a modern/rowdy take on bluegrass with Terence Green and The Loose Strings. This is where I really cut my teeth as a musician, and we played around 70 shows in Colorado and elsewhere, coming to a close in september of 2011. After that, I had a taste for playing live music, and began looking for a new project almost immediately.
I was very lucky to be contacted by the scarily talented Adam Lopez through a mutual friend, with an offer to start a new band upon his transfer from Tulsa, Adam Lopez & His Mighty LoCasters and that’s when my training as a ‘real’ musician began. We played our first show in November of 2011. and I’ve been doing my best to keep up with the high standard he sets, ever since.

I just recently took on the role of Upright Bassist (big surprise) in a new American Roots band called Goodnight, Stranger with longtime friend and bandmate Terence Green, and new friends Seth, Mariah and Dan. We play our debut show on 5/18

I am also in the planning stages of my personal solo recording project, BlackLung, which will be whatever I feel like playing at that particular moment. I am planning on having various guest artists, and hopefully a completely out of control live show every now and then.


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