some old videos of me trashed playing for beer at a local open mic. sit in musician is tyler halsey.drunk guy who seems to forget he’s holding a bass is me. not pictured is Matt Nelsen, on banjo. there’s an even worse one on youtube, but i aint postin that link here haha

loose strings 1

loose strings 2


Upcoming Content This Week!

Big week coming up for me! By the end of this week, you can expect to be able to read: My  review of the Zoom H2n digital field recorder, which i will be picking up tomorrow, and testing at band practice and the gig, a review of how the first Goodnight, Stranger show went, hopefully an interview with the band, rehearsal/gig recordings, and more. Anyone have any good stories of their first gig with a a new band, or any comments on digital field recorders?

Goodnight Stranger Debut Show!

This friday, 5/18@The Triple Nickel with the new ben franklins, pretty mouth and bryan hartley!  COME ON OUT

and don’t forget to add the new band page!


You heard it here first, I’m starting a solo recording project, in which I will be recording all instruments and vocals myself. I’m calling it BlackLung.

It will consist of my experimentation with all varieties of musical instruments, and every song i’ve ever wanted to write.


Back in the saddle

Well it looks like my sick leave is coming to a close, and I couldn’t be happier! Time to get back on that horse and ride. I will be resuming work on the debut album with Adam Lopez & His Mighty LoCasters, playing shows, and getting Goodnight, Stranger ready to perform. Look to this site for details on both projects!