My Rig

I am a gear addict, and tone freak. I’m always thinking about the next improvement/modication. It’s a problem. As of 4/19/2012:

Bass: Andrew Schroetter 3/4 upright bass, Flamed Maple back and sides, Spruce top, Ebony fingerboard and tailpiece,  fitted Aged Maple bridge, upgraded endpin w/ Ebony endpin collar.

Strings: Innovation Psychoslap A bumped over to E, Lenzner plain gut A, D and G.

Pickup system: K&K Sound Bass Master Rockabilly PLUS Transducer Network.

Cables: CBI TRS stereo cables, 90 degree tip between transducer network and preamp, Dimarzio tweed instrument cable, between preamp and head.

Preamp: D-TAR Solstice 2 Channel Acoustic Musical Instrument Preamplifier, mounted on a mic stand, with custom mounted Korg CA-1.

Head: Gallien-Kreuger GK1001-RBII mounted in gator 6-U case.

Cabinet. Gallien-Kreuger NEO-410

Stand: Hercules D590B Upright bass stand. Best bass stand, ever, period. Essential

Misc: Deltalab CT-30 clip-on chromatic tuner, on bridge. GORILLA SNOT! I use this on my right fingertips to make snagging the strings easier. GENIUS!

(Individual component pics and links coming soon)


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